Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Wants

So, I have a problem, and it's called shopping! I am always online shopping (but never purchasing) so I have a lot of "wants". Actually, what I always do is go through and add to my basket and then after close the browser- weird, I know! But anyways, below are some things I want to add to my Spring wardrobe, kinda like a wishlist (just cuz). 

Colored denim is HUGE this Spring and I really want a rose-colored pair (and Alexa Chung's legs). The link below are a pair from Topshop I really like.

I am loving loafers this season and I really want some colored ones to add to my black and leopard pairs! Steve madden has some really fun colors!

Another thing that I am LOVING right now are button downs (or do you call them button ups?). Pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts... You can't go wrong! JCrew has some amazing colors right now!

This is another top from JCrew I am loving! I love this neon pink and love the sleeves even more!

These white jeans below are two new trends in one! White denim is back and also flares! I really want a pair to match with a colorful top!

I know I am gonna get a lot of gasps at this one, but I was never a huge fan of the original Toms Shoes. However, the new ballet flats, I am loving! My favorite are the cap-toe ones!

I am in desperate want of a high-low dress/skirt. This was such a cute one I found from Forever 21!

Oooooh man do I love the following items. These are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs new jewelry line. I would wear EVERYTHING from this! I love bows and cuffs a lot right now, but there are so many more items that are amazing!

What items are you guys loving right now? 

Side note: I am so excited to be at almost 100 followers! I have had a blog for awhile now, but never really did anything with it until a month ago! Thanks for everyone's nice comments/follows. I love to checkout new blogs, so if you have one leave one in the comments box!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing Dress-up

Can you believe it is March already? Anyways, so for Christmas I got this dress form to just play around with some outfits. It's my adult version of a barbie I guess and below are some of the outfits I have put together.

This was during this past winter and I loved mixing patterns and love loafers! Mixing patterns isn't for everyone and everyone has an extent to the pattern mixing. For me, this look went. You can go wild with mixing or simple, the only rule of thumb is find what is right for you.

This was the first outfit I did, and the photo quality is due to Instagram (which I love), but the belt is my pop of color- cobalt blue. I kinda had an obsession with leopard last fall/winter....if you can't tell.

I love these high-waisted shorts with this bold, tribal top! Gold really goes well with this top and I love this envelop clutch with the gold accents.

Obviously this top is sheer, so a tank would be needed, but this is my kind of color blocking. Plus mustard and emerald green...YUM!

What trends are you guys looking forward to this spring? I am still working on my wardrobe but I am loving coral, pleats, some neon, pastels, loafers, ballet flats, and floral....okay so that's pretty much everything, but if you have a style blog, I wanna see it! Just leave your site below!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Lips!

I did a "Fall Lips" post, so it is only appropriate that I do a "Spring Lips" post! I am obsessed with bright-colored lips this Spring. From pinks to corals, it is the best way to throw in a pop of color into any look! Here are some celebs/randos (random people/models maybe?) below rocking the trend: 

Brooklyn Decker

Miranda Kerr (aka my girl crush)

Adele at the Grammys

Alexis Bledel

Jennifer Hudson

Kat Graham

obviously....Demi Lovato

MAC of course has beautiful colors, but here are a few of my favorite drugstore picks:
I love these lip butters! The Cupcake (3rd from right), Gumdrop (2nd from right) and Tutti Frutti (not pictured- a coral/orange) are perfect for this Spring and leave your lips moisturized while providing a subtle color.

These glosses have a nice color payoff and have really pretty vibrant colors! I use a chapstick before applying because they dry my lips out a bit.

I really like these lip stains by Revlon- one end is a glossy chapstick, and the other is the actual stain! My favorites are the 4 to the left! Perfect for Spring! If you don't use the other end you can apply any clear gloss/chapstick over!

There are soooo many others to chose from but luckily companies such as Revlon, Loreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl gave us a nice variety! Do you use any of these or do you have a Spring favorite lip color/ brand?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best of Olivia Palermo

You may have first heard of her from "The City" with Whitney Port, where she was characterized as "the mean girl", but you can't hate this girl for her fashion! I am not really sure what she does- other than worked at Elle Magazine on the show (if you know leave a comment below :)) but I am sure it is fashion related. Without a doubt I believe those shows have to create a certain character for the audience to love and one to dislike...unfortunately, for many, that was her. However, she is stepping out on her own now and looking FAB! Below are some of my favorite looks she has worn!

As you can see, she is always way ahead of the trends- mixing prints, maxis, high-waisted pants, etc... You can always turn to her for the latest and go-to fashion trends! Check out her blog:

What do you guys think of her style (not her "The City" character)? I personally love it! Again, if anyone knows her backstory and/or what she does please leave a comment below :) Thanks!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BEST Facial Mask EVER

My friend Jenn tweeted about doing this Orange/Baking Soda mask and I became intrigued! I love trying new products/DIY treatments and I have been having breakouts (prob stress from school) so I decided to try this little concoction. I have used several masks in the past and yes, they make my skin feel tight and clean right after, but I feel like my skin goes back to normal and they do not really treat breakouts too well. So I went to CVS and bought an off brand baking soda and a small 100% natural Orange Juice (you can use juice from an orange too if you would like). First, I washed my face with my normal cleanser (Clean and Clear Deep Clean) and then in a shot glass (lol) I poured about half baking soda and then enough OJ to make a little more fluid than a paste- so about the consistency of a smoothie. Only a thin layer is needed to spread all over your face. This stayed on my skin for 20 minutes. During this time, it dried quickly and made my face feel extremely tight- like, I could barely speak! Then when time was up, I put just a little bit of water on my face and massaged the mask in to exfoliate and then rinsed it off. The baking soda apparently clears black heads and rubs dead skin cells off, while the citrus from the OJ brightens skin and makes pores tighter.

Results: I could tell a huge difference after the first day! The next morning I woke up and my skin felt so clean, less oily, and still tight. More than anything it was really soft and smooth, except for previous breakout areas. I don't think it really treated the breakouts, but it definitely helped to prevent future breakouts! A perfect mask for that time of the month as well!

Cons: There are not many cons. I am definitely going to use this mask for...well, forever, but it did leave some areas extremely red because I have sensitive skin. So after the first treatment, I decided to only put the mask around my chin, mouth, nose, and forehead, rather than cheeks/cheekbones because those were the areas where I don't get breakouts anyways and are highly sensitive. This helped tremendously. Also, I need to warn that it does burn and tingle a bit, and I have heard it itches (didn't for me) but it wasn't too bad to me.

I HIGHLY recommend this mask to EVERYONE who has oily or combo skin types. If you have sensitive skin like me, just modify it to best fit what's right for you, like I did. I don't think this is a good mask if you have dry skin, because it basically "dries" my skin out- which is much needed!

If you try this, leave a comment below! I want to hear what you think about it and if you love it (or even hate it)! Also, if you have any other DIY masks I would love to hear about it!