Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best of Olivia Palermo

You may have first heard of her from "The City" with Whitney Port, where she was characterized as "the mean girl", but you can't hate this girl for her fashion! I am not really sure what she does- other than worked at Elle Magazine on the show (if you know leave a comment below :)) but I am sure it is fashion related. Without a doubt I believe those shows have to create a certain character for the audience to love and one to dislike...unfortunately, for many, that was her. However, she is stepping out on her own now and looking FAB! Below are some of my favorite looks she has worn!

As you can see, she is always way ahead of the trends- mixing prints, maxis, high-waisted pants, etc... You can always turn to her for the latest and go-to fashion trends! Check out her blog:

What do you guys think of her style (not her "The City" character)? I personally love it! Again, if anyone knows her backstory and/or what she does please leave a comment below :) Thanks!


  1. Great photos, I love her and her style!:) Kisses!

  2. I love her style so much and I think she is absolutely beautiful but she was so mean on the City! Ahh guess we can't have it all :P
    xo Emilie

  3. I love her style, I actually did a DIY on my blog based on that first photo. I felt like they had her portrayed as the villain in "the city"- but she definitely added some spice to the show.

  4. she is quite stylish! I love her!!