Thursday, February 2, 2012

SAG Awards: Best/Worst/Okay/Eh/Over it!

So of course I watched the SAG Awards and here are my thoughts: I was surprised with the amount of black! I was hoping for more color and daring choices, instead I felt too many were blah or I've seen it before! Below are the dresses I want to discuss, including my thoughts on the outfit and who I thought was the best and worst.

So Ashlee Simpson is not my best dressed, but I would say this is the best dressed I have seen her! I loved her hair like that! (Okay)

We are all aware cutouts are big right now- we got that from Rooney Mara- but I just did not like the hair! Makeup is pretty and her body is AMAZING but the hair was a bit too high for me. (Eh)

I know most will disagree with me but I DID NOT like this dress! The material looks like a trashbag, her hair and makeup was just okay, and I felt like she looks miserable! A big part of watching the awards is how someone carries themselves and she just looks cold (not temp. wise) and needs a burger! Not to mention...BLACK- too safe! (Worst)

So Stacy is one lucky gal, but I also feel like she is playing it safe. The red dress for the Emmys and now this. Yes, I do like it- I think she looks glam and beautiful, I was just hoping for more! (Okay)

Ahhhhh! So refreshing to see this color! I loved the braid in her hair and this dress! I thought it was age-appropriate and just beautiful! (Best)

COLOR! Green is one of my favorite colors and I thought this color looked so good on her! On TV she was carrying herself very awkwardly, but I thought she looked gorgeous! (Best)

Well....I just don't know what to think about this one. I feel like we have seen this gown so much in so many colors and I HATE the braid in her hair! Diana Agron's is the right size- hers just looks so fake! Definitely NOT a best dressed for me, but not a worst. (Eh)

I thought this hair color for Kristin Wig is magnificent! her makeup is so pretty too- her eyes POP out! The thing about this dress is that I just wish the choker was somehow attached to her dress at the neck. For me, that would have made a HUGE difference! (Okay)

So, I don't know if my feelings of her Emmy dress are just carrying over but I HATED this! She is trying WAY too hard (and I promise I think she is great on Glee and love her otherwise). Her Emmy dress was way too sexy and I feel like she is trying to do that here as well- and it may also have to do with the faces she makes. I just wasn't a fan. (Over it!)

I loved this look for Michelle Williams! I thought it was so different and that is what I like to see on the carpet. The color, lace, and hem of the dress were very classy and sophisticated. (Best)

Okay, okay, I know this is black, but I loved it! I should have posted a picture of the back too- was covered in a black lace. I thought this dress along with her hair color was glamorous and definitely made her look like a star! (Best)

What can I say...of course I loved this dress! (Best)

Another Glee got it right! I loved this look on Naya Rivera. She looks beautiful and again, age-appropriate. (Best)

This is another that I would just have to say I am over. I know, again, people will disagree from me, but when I saw her I was just like OF COURSE she is wearing that. Many of her dresses are solid-colored, a lot (not all I know) but a lot are strapless, simple, and curve hugging- but if I had that body I would probably do it too. I was just hoping for something different from her, but I do have to give her props for at least doing color. (Over it)

So, part of me liked this but most of me didn't. I like that she took a risk, I do, but...I just don't like that pattern- looks like an old-lady bathing suit! Maybe I would think differently if it wasn't the red carpet (or maybe not), but I do give her props for standing out! (Eh)

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Glam! I thought she looked great! (Best)

Ugh! I hate that Rachel Zoe loved this so much- because normally I agree with her and of course love/respect her so much but this was a major NO for me. I felt like the top/cape thing was meshy-looking and it looked like a wife-beater (type of tank top for those who are unaware with that terminology) underneath! (Worst) I do think Zoe Saldana is GORGEOUS though!
LOVE LOVE LOVE! When we first saw this (up close), I though, oh that's nice, but then when the "glam cam" panned down I was like WOW! I love that she took such a risk wearing a jumper! (Best!)

No, no, no, nooooo! What was she thinking? Where is her stylist? This is SO not appropriate for the Red Carpet! (WORST!)

So obviously these are my, I want to hear what you guys think! Please leave a comment and I would love to hear who you thought got it right and who you just did not like!


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  3. some of them looked really good and some not so great lol great post though <3 x

  4. Thanks God, someone finally said Angie's was not the 'best dressed'! She looked anorexic and the dress looked made with cheap material! I loved her on golden globes carpet though!!
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