Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day!

This year I will be spending this Valentine's Day with girlfriends and I have not really been one to be bitter when not having a true Valentine. I find it as a day of love for everyone! Below are some favorite dresses/looks/and random things I love for this years Valentines Day!

I love the bun and makeup here with this cute little dress by French Connection via asos.com. Very feminine and pretty!

Kate Beckinsale would be any makeup artist's dream to work with I'm sure. She is absolutely FLAWLESS! I love her makeup here and then I love this little BCBG dress with it for a Vday date!

What's Valentines Day without chocolate? My girlfriends and I have done a fondue before that was TO DIE FOR! We melted dark chocolate and served it with strawberries, bananas, pound cake, marshmellows, brownie bites, and pretzels! Fondue sets can be pretty cheap too- I think ours was a Valentines special at Target that you light a candle underneath.

I love these little Sally Hansen nail strips- Valentines limited edition. I have used a leopard set in the past and they went on so easily and lasted quit awhile! I just bought the hearts and am dying to put them on!

This is my favorite perfume at the moment! It is Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf and smells sooo good- floral and sexy!

This jumper was made famous by Jlo and Taylor Swift. It is by Wildfox and I think it is so cute! I don't own one but am dying to find one- they are really hard to find because they get sold out a lot!

And for my favorite Valentine's Day tradition...."He's Just Not That Into You"! I love this movie and the fact there are so many hot men!

Hope you guys have a great Valentines Day! Leave a comment below some of your Valentine's Day favorite, traditions you do, and what you will be doing this year! <3


  1. mnnn the chocolate looks delicious! :)


  2. obsessed with Kate's earrings. loving your blog, hun. totally following. can't wait to read more. I'd love if you'd take a sec to check out mine. xo


  3. looove this heart jumper
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  4. I'm the same way about Valentines Day! I think it is important to show your love for your friends and family too, not just your significant other. Maybe that's just because I have always been single on Valentines Day :)


  5. oh my gosh, gorgeous blog! i definately followed. i hope one day my blog can be as good as yours :) x

  6. Great Post, I adore your blog! :)
    I'll have to look around for that perfume!

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