Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Hats

I am dying to find a fun hat for this fall/winter season. The floppy hat, not just for the beach, makes a great statement to any outfit. Usually in felt and suede, just like the wide-brimmed fedora (another fave), these trendy hats can help create a rocker vibe or bring out some sass to your outfit. Below, you can see how different celebs pull off my favorite looks with these hats!

Here, Demi Lovato is wearing it my favorite way- probably the way I would wear it when/if I get mine! I love the grunge/chic look she is going for with the rocker tee and belt. Great for a day out shopping!

I think it is safe to say Rachel Zoe is the queen of this look. No one can pull off a look better with this hat than she can. Plus, I have a rule, if Rachel Zoe wears it, its MAJ (get it zoe fans?)!

Here, Kim looks stunning in the floppy hat. She could wear a baseball hat and looks amazing, but I love how she paired the fur vest with it!

Another of my favorite fashionistas, Nicole Richie totally rocks this hat with leather booties and a leopard scarf. 

With so many ways to wear these hats, it is a must to have this season! Here are a few places to purchase this trendy accessory:

Splurge at Free People

H&M- actually almost bought this one and kicking myself for not...only 14.95!


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