Monday, January 30, 2012

Laguna Beach No More

Ahhh Laguna Beach...reminded me of my high school experience- YEAH RIGHT! But who can forget Kristin's infamous "Stepheeeeen" or the LC/Stephen/Kristin drama? I would consider my age group to be in the "Laguna Era" which is why I had to dedicate a blog to them. Remember Kristin's choker? Yeah, pretty sure I went out and bought a few and wore them every day because of her Ha!

Or how "LC" wore sunglasses on her head every day? Pretty sure I did that as well...

Well below are some of my favorite, more recent pics of how their style has changed or improved. Frankly, engagement/pregnancy is doing some good for Kristin! Whether you were TEAM KRISTIN or TEAM LC, you can't hate on either of them for their style!

One of my favorite looks!

Great Arm Candy (her man) Always Helps

Love the nude/classy look

Hi-Low skirts are huge this Spring season (2012)

Such a classy look!

Bye skinnies! Flare are IN!

Neon will also be a big hit this Spring!

and for those of you who are TEAM LC (Not that it is even relevant anymore):

High waisted shorts

Lauren Loves her Blazers!

Cobalt blue was my favorite this past season

Keepin with the Nude and Classy as well

Im sure you saw this all over pinterest as well, I know I did!

Cute little skirt and of course, a blazer!

Flirty little top paired with some feminine shorts to flaunt those legs!

Love this look!

Okay, okay, so the whole Laguna Beach drama is over, but whose style do you prefer? These two are always in some competition whether they have put themselves in it or not! But like I said, you can't hate on either of them for their style!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Jessica Alba not only lost all of her baby weight, but she is dressing the part of a HOT MAMA! I love her style- layering, color, scarfs, jackets, etc... She is now styled by the ever-so-fabulous Brad Goreski! Anyways, below are a few of her most recent looks, which I LOVE!

Green Blazer and Flares

Simple Plaid Button Down and Some Cute Arm Candy (Honor)

Long Boyfriend Teal Blazer and Hot Orange Top

Mixing Patterns with a Chunky Scarf