Saturday, February 4, 2012

Favorites of the Week!

I haven't done a weekly favorites, but I think this is something new I am going to try-pending how my school schedule is that week (don't count on it during finals :)). I am going to include favorite looks, makeup, products, accessories, and maybe food, shows...who knows! I would have to admit, I am someone who likes to try a bunch of different things because my interests change all the time! Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on your favorite things!

I loved this dress (Andrew Gn) Rachel Mcadams wore out in NYC for press for "The Vow".

I am all about mixing prints this season- I have a leopard belt just like that and I cannot wait to pair it with florals! (found via pinterest)

I love this yellow blazer!
Such a cute look (found via pinterest) and we could totally be friends since she likes Starbucks ;)

Found this picture/outfit: I just love this bc, again, the mixing of patters and the layering of arm candy!

Now, for products:

I have to admit....this is the UGLIEST casing I have ever used, but I LOVE this mascara- and I have used most drugstore mascaras, Bad Gal and Bare Escentuals to name a few and I feel like this gave me a lot of volume and was not clumpy at all! I definitely recommend this mascara to anyone. Plus, if you are into being organic, this has no parabens :) The brand is Physicians Formula!

I love this MAC line (mineralize)- I have the blush on the far left and the eye shadow (far, bottom right-Summer Haze). These are shimmery and just so beautiful on!

This is my favorite nail color of the week. I know, I know, it is still winter and we are supposed to wear dark colors, but with this crazy weather I just had to! This is Wet n Wild's newest line and this color is "Refresh-A-Mint". I loved this nail polish, not only for the color, but it went on SO smoothly and I only needed 1 coat!

Now for food:
So I am a chocolate girl and these totally help my cravings! Heat them in the microwave and they taste like a warm brownie (no joke!) and are only 100 calories! They are also a good size and packed with nutrients, not to mention whole grain!

So, I am trying to be healthier and tone up since I am in a wedding in 4 months and I found this recipe for this smoothie on It is DELICIOUS and is SO healthy! Now, before I tell you what is in it, do not be fooled by the color. All you taste is the fruit and I felt like it gave me so much energy! I am drinking one every morning and feel so much better throughout the day! Okay, so now for what's in it:

1 banana
1/2cup of frozen mango
1/2cup of frozen peaches
1 handful of raw spinach
ice if need be
enough water to blend
(for 1 serving)

Favorite Song:

So, if you love E! you may have heard this for the Khloe and Lamar/ Ice Loves Coco promo and I was curious about it so I googled it and it is Chris Mann, "L.O.V.E.". I have never heard of him before but I am OBSESSED with this song (plus Khloe and Lamar just looked so cute dancing to it!)
Hope you guys like it as much as me :)

Also, I want to share with you my favorite YouTube beauty gurus- I blame them on my frequent CVS/Sephora trips:

What are your favorites? Please leave a comment, I'd love to know!


  1. Thanks for your message on IFB! I love that yellow blazer too, but I just don't like the pleather leggings! And Rachel McAdams is alway adorable in whatever she wears! Great blog, I am a new follower and would love if you would follow back!
    Modern Modest Beauty

    1. Yeah, I am not a big fan of the pleather leggings as well! Following you!

  2. love the yellow blazer! :)

  3. I like pretty much all the stuff you presented ;) The yellow blazer is great :D
    Joanna from

    PS: Check out, please my new look in Tangerine Tango! ;)

  4. I love how varied your blog is! I will follow! Feel free to follow me too. :)

  5. I love these photos for inspiration! Thank you for visiting my blog!


  6. really good inspirations! i will catch the black leather skirt and the nail polish. My new post is abour burgundy colour, i hope u like it

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  7. I love that yellow blazer too and I've been wanting to try that LC smoothie! XX

  8. I love that yellow blazer and Rachel McAdam's dress! great post, i really like your blog, i'm following! :)
    xx ,Kels