Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammys Fashion

Overall, I thought the Grammy's fashion was what I was hoping to see- risks! I have to say that I was surprised by all of the long dresses this year! When I think of Grammy's fashion, I think of short dresses, sparkle, leather, spikes, and craziness...this year we got long dresses, sparkle, lace, and guns? Anyways, below are just some of the few that stood out to me, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Leave a comment below to let me know what your thoughts were!

There is nothing Carrie Underwood could wear that would look bad! She has amazing legs but decided to cover them and show off her back (not pictured obviously, but was gorgeous!)

I'm not a Paris Hilton fan, but I had to admit, she looked good! I loved this dress with the gold belt.

I thought Kelly Rowland looked amazing! Such a pretty dress and so flattering on her, and I loved her hair like that!

Not gonna lie, Rihanna looks good here! Not digging the hair- mainly due to her awful roots- but I thought this dress was very va-va-vooooom on her.

Jessie J really pulled off this sparkly dress. I thought it was so appropriate for the Grammys, but I didn't love the hair- especially on camera to the side.

Ahhh Kate Beckinsale- so refreshing, right? She is stunning...'nuff said.

This was probably one of my favorites of the night- and picked by a MAN (Ryan Seacrest chose this dress for her, she said). The whole look is almost simple, but fun and chic.

Putting aside my personal frustrations with Taylor Swift, I am on the defense with this look. I love the way it looked on the runway, but I just don't care for it on her and with her hair like that. It's a gorgeous dress, but I would have rather liked to see her in something fun and flirty.

I thought this was very figure-flattering for Adele, and of course the sparkle is pretty, but that's really all I have to say about it. Kind of ho-hum, but her makeup looked beautiful and she carries herself very well in it!

I loved Ellie Saab's SS 2012 collection that included this dress, especially the green, but I wasn't a huge fan of this look. I do love the risk part of it and that's pretty much it. I mean, it is Katy Perry...

I just can't...I can't

Love the color...HATE the entire thing. If you are going to show your underwear and you have a body like hers, why would you wear high-waisted underwear?

So what did you guys think? Agree/Disagree? The Grammy's are just a fun event and although I did not like Fergie's and Katy's dresses, among others, I do love that they took a risk, because this is the event to do it!


  1. Ha - Bridget Jones pantie fail!!!

  2. Taylor Swift was my favorite and Gwyneth Paltrow too! I love the color and fall of Fergie's gown, but leave it to her to ruin a perfect gown by not insisting on a lining!! lOL!
    Nice roundup!
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  3. I love Taylor swift's dress the most. Nicki was the worst.

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  4. Nicki is kinda annoying :S I don't what she's trying to do.


  5. I LOVED Jessie J's dress and I think Kelly Rowland looks amazing.

    I don't like Rihanna's outfit at all though. With that super low plunging neckline and thigh-high split, I think it looks really cheap.