Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Wants

So, I have a problem, and it's called shopping! I am always online shopping (but never purchasing) so I have a lot of "wants". Actually, what I always do is go through and add to my basket and then after close the browser- weird, I know! But anyways, below are some things I want to add to my Spring wardrobe, kinda like a wishlist (just cuz). 

Colored denim is HUGE this Spring and I really want a rose-colored pair (and Alexa Chung's legs). The link below are a pair from Topshop I really like.

I am loving loafers this season and I really want some colored ones to add to my black and leopard pairs! Steve madden has some really fun colors!

Another thing that I am LOVING right now are button downs (or do you call them button ups?). Pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts... You can't go wrong! JCrew has some amazing colors right now!

This is another top from JCrew I am loving! I love this neon pink and love the sleeves even more!

These white jeans below are two new trends in one! White denim is back and also flares! I really want a pair to match with a colorful top!

I know I am gonna get a lot of gasps at this one, but I was never a huge fan of the original Toms Shoes. However, the new ballet flats, I am loving! My favorite are the cap-toe ones!

I am in desperate want of a high-low dress/skirt. This was such a cute one I found from Forever 21!

Oooooh man do I love the following items. These are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs new jewelry line. I would wear EVERYTHING from this! I love bows and cuffs a lot right now, but there are so many more items that are amazing!

What items are you guys loving right now? 

Side note: I am so excited to be at almost 100 followers! I have had a blog for awhile now, but never really did anything with it until a month ago! Thanks for everyone's nice comments/follows. I love to checkout new blogs, so if you have one leave one in the comments box!


  1. I really love high/low dresses - the Forever 21 dress you've chosen is so pretty!

    And the Marc Jacobs cuff is gorgeous (I've been eyeing up two similar ones in Top Shop!)


  2. I have very similar pink jeans to Alexa's and I LOVE them. And I also want to get white jeans as well, they are great for summer!

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day Lady

  3. I know what you mean! I am dying for some rose jeans - I have my eye on a pair at the Gap they look so cute! CONGRATS on your blogging success :) Darling little blog you have here <3


  4. Love the J.Crew blouse and the bracelet.

  5. Wow, I loooove this little collection of wants, and possibly want them all now too! I'm very tempted to make a trip to Forever 21 for a skirt like that, so gorgeous!

  6. Hi gena! Thanks a lot to visit and commenting on my blog! Would you like to follow eacht other??
    BTW I love the J Crew shirts and the Forever21 dress!!

  7. great post! So many fantastic items :) I love me some J.Crew

  8. Um, we might be the same person.... I totally do the "add things to my shopping cart, then close the browser" thing too! Maybe it is to prove to myself that I have some shred of self control left! haha
    I am loving the bright J.Crew shirts too!
    Holla to a fellow Nashvillian

  9. Just nominated you on my blog for the versatile blogger award! :)

  10. I just nominated you on my blog for the versatile blogger award! :)

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  13. I do the same exact thing! I always add everything I want to my basket, die after seeing the total price and then close my browser. LOL I really love that high-low dress, it's so cute. :)

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