Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorites of the Week 2!

So as I did this weeks favorites, I realized its going to be really hard to have that many favorites every week- especially since I am on a graduate student loan budget :/, with that said, I am going to turn it into monthly favorites (next one will be for march). This week has been a stressful week in school but I have managed to survive! Hope you guys enjoy this post, and as always, post your favorites or let me know what you think!

I found this picture via pinterest and just FELL IN LOVE! I love this color and the pleats! Such a cute look for this Spring/Summer! I am really into neons/bright colors right now!

I have never found a foundation that I loved until now...I had used bare minerals for a long time, then tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin and sampled Chanel's foundation, but nothing compares to this! It is full coverage and it does not take much at all! My skin looked so so so good and I have a lot of scars/red pigmentation. It really does make my skin look smooth/silk-like. Cons: $43 :( BUT- it is going to last a long time and I have never loved my skin more! (Laura Mercier- Silk Creme Foundation)

I am new to Paint Pots and actually tried these before MAC's. My favorite is the bronze- I wear it about every day to class and they last all day without creases! The colors are really pigmented and gorgeous! You do not need primer for these and you can use the white one as a highlighter for your brow bone and inner corners! (Maybelline Color Tattoo)

The stress of this week has also brought on many breakouts for me as well and I heard about this little concealer stick by Maybelline (Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer) on a beauty vlog. I didn't really have a good concealer so I decided to try it and LOVED it! It is a little brush at one end, and on the other end you twist for liquid concealer to come out of the brush. It really covered blemishes well and I also used it under my eyes which brightened my face.

I was having a really bad craving this last week but I decided to try this mango pineapple smoothie at Mcdonalds. I am definitely not a Mcdonalds fan, but I saw this on a sign and was intrigued. It had the best flavor and tasted like something you would get at a Jamba Juice type of place. I do feel like it may be loaded with sugar though, but it was better than what I was about to go for :)

I picked up this candle at target because the label caught my eye, but the smell...OH MY GOODNESS! I carried it around with me through the entire store smelling it every other step! Its a little bit floral, but smells like a perfume that I have smelled (can't think of the name though). It is pretty large and only $12!

I decided to paint my nails this neutral color I got as a Christmas gift and really liked it! It is Sephora by OPI (vernes a angles). The ring is from Forever 21.

P.S.- For my next post I AM TOO EXCITED! It will be on the Grammy's fashion! This is my favorite awards show and favorite fashion because I really think artists take more risks and you see some of the  craziest outfits, but also the most beautiful! Hope you guys are as excited as me!


  1. I am also obsessed with tangerine this season :)

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  2. cute!!!

  3. I love that dress too! Pleats are so fun!