Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Lips

Rachel Zoe said, "I think every women should have a piece of leopard, but not every women will wear leopard. You have to have courage to wear leopard", which is so true and I think also applies to sporting dark lips this fall. Not everyone is brave enough to wear this trend because a.) they just dont like it (some say its kinda gothic) b.) they dont know how to do it right or c.) they are afraid of what others may think...which actually is reason behind anyone sporting a new risky trend. Why care what others think? If you like it, DO IT! Anyways, enough with the rant... I personally LOVE the fall dark lip! I particularly like a dark plum color such as :

The nice think about this look is that it looks good with a shiny gloss or matte! I bought a cream lip stain from sephora (sephora collection) that is about this color and a clear gloss to go over (just in case) and maybelline has one I like as well: 
Plum Paradise

My favorite fashion/makeup blogger actually just did a tutorial yesterday about this trend and has some really great tips about applying and products, here is the link: (make sure you also look at her DIE FOR!) (

Here are some celebs rockin' this trend:

awww and little suri!

Are you BOLD enough?

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